“I went to the hotel, but not by force” The shock of the Japanese WBC winning member, the club feels betrayed

Japanese WBC (World Baseball Classic) winning member and national team slugger Yamakawa Hotaka was embroiled in a sexual scandal. The controversy seems to only grow because Yamakawa is married with a daughter of her own.먹튀검증

Yamakawa, a member of the Seibu Lions, played an active part as a member of the WBC championship held in March. Usually, Yamakawa is a player with a pleasant and fun image. Seibu fans, as well as international competitions, have always been praised for raising the atmosphere of the entire team with a cheerful and bright appearance.

However, it turned out that Yamakawa had been investigated by the police on suspicion of sexual assault. On the 11th, Japan’s ‘Weekly Bunchun’ reported that Yamakawa was suspected of sexually assaulting a woman in her 20s.

According to the report of ‘Weekly Bunchun’, Yamakawa first got to know the woman in her 20s three years ago. Since then, Yamakawa has continued to flirt with her, and after meeting and eating together in November of last year, she forcibly sexually assaulted a woman in a hotel, causing her lower body to bleed. She reported the woman to the police for a case of forced indecent assault immediately after the incident, and the police who repaired the related contents summoned Yamakawa to investigate immediately after the WBC was closed. Yamakawa denies the police investigation, saying, “I admitted to going to a hotel with a woman and causing injury, but I did not force it.”

However, Yamakawa is a woman who is one year her senior in college and she married in 2017, and she has a daughter born in 2019. The shock received by her fans is even greater because she has often revealed her appearance as a loving father with her daughter through her SNS account.

The police investigation is still ongoing. He presented evidence such as a mobile phone. Depending on what conclusions the police make in the future, it seems that there will be changes in Yamakawa’s position. There is no possibility of destroying evidence, so there is no possibility of being arrested right away.

The problem is that the club has not been notified of this. Seibu sent Yamakawa to the first team game on the 11th, and canceled it from the entry only on the 12th, the day after the media report. The club said it was “expired due to condition”, but no one believes it. According to local officials, it is said that the Seibu club feels a great sense of betrayal towards Yamakawa, who did not reveal this earlier. Entry expungement is also a de facto probationary level.

The Seibu club is also waiting for the conclusion of the police investigation, so Yamakawa’s return to the first team may not be easy this season. Yamakawa plans to meet the FA qualification by filling the number of days registered for the first team for about 15 more days. However, considering that the Seibu club is usually relatively strict on the personalities and personal lives of players, the media believes that Yamakawa may be punished by not being able to participate in the rest of this season. For now, I’m watching Chui.

Yamakawa showed up at the 2nd Army training ground on the 14th, but his reputation has already fallen to the ground. Who will be able to support him in the future?

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