I raised him like my own child… American couple murdered by adopted son

An incident occurred in which an American couple was murdered by their adopted son, whom they had raised as their own son for seven years.

According to foreign media such as the New York Post on the 6th (local time), Dima Tower (21) was arrested by the police on suspicion of murdering her adoptive parents.

Dima is accused of stabbing and killing her adoptive parents, Robby Tower, 49, and Jennifer Tower, 51, at her home in Northport, Florida, on the 1st.

The Towers, who were real estate brokers, traveled to Ukraine several times for Christian missionary and volunteer work.

Then, in 2016, she met Dima at a daycare center in Ukraine with bruises all over her body.

The Towers, who were unable to have children at the time, decided to adopt Dima, confident that the boy’s painful past could be healed and overcome through love.

Afterwards, the couple tried to help Dima adapt to the new environment, but contrary to their hopes, Dima began to show signs of violence, often getting into fights at school.

Warren Lines, Robbie’s late uncle, said of his first meeting with Dima, “She was very interested in boxing, but she had a lot of hatred inside her and she was constantly hitting people and hitting people.” “I wanted to do it.”

The couple’s social media was full of daily photos showing the love and care she gave to Dima.

In particular, on the 1st year since adopting Dima, his mother Jennifer posted on social media , “Happy 16th birthday to our son Dima. I love you every moment,” and “I am so happy that we were able to spend his first birthday in the United States and his first birthday as our son together. “I’m happy. I’m grateful to God who gave you into our lives and to your birth mother who brought you into the world,” he said, expressing his infinite affection.

However, despite the love of his adoptive parents, Dima’s violent tendencies worsened, and in 2020, his father Robbie suffered a black eye after being assaulted by Dima and even reported it to the police.

Because of this, Dima had to stay with relatives스포츠토토 for a while, but Robbie said Dima should come home.

Regarding this, Warren said, “That’s how much Robbie loved Dima. The Towers forgave Dima everything and bought him everything he wanted or needed.”

In the end, Dima went so far as to murder his adoptive parents.

The police responded to the scene around midnight after receiving a report from a neighbor that a woman was knocking on the door and asking for help. At the scene, a couple who had already died were lying on the living room floor with their heads together, bleeding.

The police found Dima at the scene and told her not to move, but Dima ignored them and fled in the car her adoptive parents had bought for her.

After fleeing the scene, he abandoned his car and fled into the woods, where he hid for about eight hours until he was arrested the next morning.

The police did not reveal the specific motive for Dima’s murder, but judging by the presence of several pools of blood throughout his house, it is believed that the attack took place over a long period of time.

Warren said, “The Towers were kind and caring,” and added, “They raised Dima with all the care he would have if he were her own son.”

A neighbor also recalled, “Mr. and Mrs. Towers were gentle, kind and loving people, something that is hard to find these days.”

Currently, a page has been set up on the online fundraising site GoFundMe to raise money for the Towers’ funeral expenses.

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