“I hate you, I hate you” Seeing the public remarks… Joo Ho-min “I regret it painfully”

The remarks of a special education teacher who is on trial for making child abuse remarks to the autistic son of Webtoon writer Joo Ho-min have been released.

Ho-min Joo issued a second statement in a week and said, “I apologize to all special teachers,” and “I am going to discuss with my wife and submit a petition seeking leniency for the other teacher.”

In the recording at the time, teacher A said, “You’re disgusting, what’s in your head?”

Today (2nd) Looking at the indictment of special teacher A submitted by the Ministry of Justice to the People’s Power Office of Yoo Sang-beom, teacher A said on September 13 last year The remarks made to Mr. Ju’s son in a customized learning class at an elementary school in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do are listed.

Teacher A said to Mr. Joo’s son, Mr. Joo, “Oh, you really hate me, what the hell is in your head, what the hell are you thinking about all the time.”

Another teacher A said, “Why can’t I go to class ○ and go to my friends? Why can’t I see you? You? Why can’t I go to my friends? Why can’t I go to class ○? I can’t go to your class, I can’t even see your friends It was revealed that he made remarks such as “I can’t go, I can’t go, I can’t go, I have a very bad habit. I’m talking about you.”

In addition, comments such as “Oh no, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you too, I really hate you, You’re going home, I can’t eat lunch at school, do you know why?” included in the notice.

However, there was no additional explanation about the situation in which teacher A’s remarks came out of the gongsojang.

The prosecution wrote that teacher A had “perpetrated emotional abuse that harms mental health and development to children with disabilities.”

■ Teacher A’s lawyer “The context is missing, such as self-talk and questions and answers.”

Regarding the contents of the indictment, teacher스포츠토토 A’s lawyer said, “If you look at the indictment alone, inappropriate remarks are listed, so it looks like the special education teacher is shooting at the main military, but the context needs to be explained.” said.

In the recording file of about 2 hours and 30 minutes, the teacher’s self-talk and complaints, and questions and answers with the state army were exchanged, but these parts were excluded.

For example, teacher A’s remark, “It’s really disgusting,” explained that he spoke to himself with a sigh in a situation where the main army was distracted and unable to concentrate during class.

After that remark, there was a self-talk such as “the two of us came early in the morning,” but it was also pointed out that this was omitted in the prosecution.

The recording of teacher A repeating “I don’t like it” also refuted that it is not an expression toward children.

At the time of reading along with the expression ‘tear it up’, when the state misread the expression, teacher A sighed and revealed that there was a context in which he repeatedly said, ‘Oh, I don’t like it’. Later in the recording, teacher A said that the situation continues to find composure and teach number reading.

The lawyer also said that when teacher A repeatedly asks Joo, “Why can’t I go to my friends? Why can’t I go to class ○?” explained that this has happened.

Along with this, the lawyer for teacher A said, “In a situation where children on the autism spectrum are more sensitive to visual stimuli than auditory stimuli, the voice recording file has a limit in being able to confirm the visual part.”

■ Writer Joo Ho-min, in the second statement, “I apologize to the special teachers”

Mr. Joo issued a second statement explaining the additional situation of the controversy raised so far and apologized after a week after the first statement. conveyed the meaning of

Mr. Joo said, “For several days, reports about my family have caused confusion and fatigue to many people.” I am so sorry and sorry for disappointing and burdening the parents of the children.”

Regarding the reason for putting the recorder in, Mr. Joo said, “I am a disabled child who has less cognitive ability than my peers and is unable to communicate normally. But I couldn’t quickly come up with another way to check it.”


Mr. Joo explained, “I met with the other teacher in a state where I was not confident to talk calmly, and I avoided the face-to-face because I was concerned that the situation would become worse.”

In addition, before reporting, I went to the school and told the situation in the recording in the principal’s office and said that I wanted to replace the teacher, but “the principal said that the replacement of a teacher is only possible through a report. “No one was told there was another way to do it,” he said.

However, Mr. Joo said, “I should have shared the incident with the parents of the special class in this process and found a solution, but it was premature and foolish.” I said accept it.

In addition, Mr. Joo said, “If we fight through a trial, it will be a great pain and difficulty for the opposing teacher, but I have never thought of ending a person’s life through a trial.” I am going to submit a petition seeking leniency,” he added.

Along with this, “I have now become a person who disparages the rights and dedication of all special education teachers.” “Our response was to hold teachers accountable for their actions related to my child. It was absolutely not directed at special teachers,” he said.

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