‘Human feces’ on the ceiling of the apartment before moving in… Construction company says, “There is no problem because it is before moving in.”

A bag containing human waste came from the ceiling of a newly built apartment with less than two months left until move-in.

A prospective resident visited for a preliminary inspection and found it and even cleaned it up himself, but the construction company responded that there was no problem because they had not yet moved in.

The report is reported by Y and Lim Ye-jin.

Mr. A worked hard to save money in a studio apartment for several years and bought a new home in a newly built apartment in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do.

On the 15th, he was shocked while looking for a house to move into in November for a preliminary inspection.

[Mr. A / Prospective apartment occupier: The moment I opened the door to the master bedroom, a foul smell like a flush toilet poured out. There was a black plastic bag. There was a bad smell in the plastic bag, so I took it out and opened it, and there was human waste in it, along with the toilet paper that person had disposed of… .]

The cause of the bad smell was none other than human waste.

The construction company employee who accompanied him left as if it was no big deal, and Mr. A had to personally throw away the bag containing the human waste.

Afterwards, Mr. A complained of his mental pain and requested compensation for damages, including a replacement of the generation.

However, the construction company said that it was in the pre-inspection stage before moving in and was not responsible for changing the house or providing monetary compensation, and only promised to replace the bathroom ceiling, wallpaper it, and treat it with antibacterial treatment.

He then added that it appears to be the work of forces trying to harm them, and that they have reported it to the police and are looking for the culprit.

[Construction company official: In some ways, we are also very angry스포츠토토 that someone did this to disparage our site… .]

It is not uncommon for human waste to be discovered at construction sites or new apartments.

Most of the time, these marks are left behind when workers relieve themselves inside a building under construction.

The main cause is the severe lack of toilets and the poor working conditions in which they are installed outdoors on the first floor.

Since it takes 20 to 30 minutes to go to the bathroom once, workers who need to work quickly have no choice but to take care of errands in the construction zone.

[Jeon Jae-hee / Director of the Occupational Safety and Health Department of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions Construction Union: There is no provision in the current law requiring the installation of toilets in proportion to the number of people, and it would be good to have toilets installed on every two floors, but this is not reflected in the law at all. [It is in place.]

Last year, the issue of human waste in newly built apartments became a huge controversy, and a law amendment requiring toilets on every fifth floor at high-rise construction sites was also proposed, but it is still pending in the National Assembly Standing Committee.

Problem with human waste in new apartments. Rather than treating it as a simple incident, it seems urgent for construction sites to secure sufficient rest areas such as restrooms and for construction companies to take responsible measures to prevent recurrence.

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