Drunk man dropped off by police was crushed to death by bus while lying in lane

The bereaved family is protesting after an accident in which a drunk man in his 20s, who had been under police protection, was crushed to death by a bus while lying on the road.

According to the Osan Police Station in Gyeonggi토토사이트 Province on the 4th, a 112 report was received at 1:59 a.m. on the 13th of last month from the owner of a restaurant in Won-dong, Osan-si, saying, “The customer is too drunk and does not go home.”

When two police officers from a nearby district unit responded, Mr. A, a man in his 20s, was sleeping drunk inside the restaurant alone without any companions.

The police requested a joint response from the fire department, and it is reported that Mr. A came to his senses while the paramedics who arrived at the scene took measures such as checking blood pressure.

Afterwards, the police put Mr. A in a patrol car and asked him several times for his address, but he reportedly repeatedly answered, “I live near Osan Station, so if you drop me off at Osan Station, I will return home on my own.”

Accordingly, the police dropped him off near a restaurant located in front of Osan Station at 2:28 am.

However, Mr. A did not return home, but instead wandered around the bus lane leading to the Osan Station transfer center and lay down in the middle of the lane.

Afterwards, he was involved in an accident where he was run over by an express bus at 3:20 a.m., about 50 minutes after getting out of the patrol car.

Mr. A, who suffered injuries to his head, was taken to a nearby hospital, but eventually died.

The driver of the bus is said to have stated in a police investigation that he did not know that Mr. A was lying down.

The bereaved family is said to be protesting against the police, saying they should have taken action to prevent the accident.

The police say that they are not considering disciplinary action against the police officers who responded to the scene because they do not believe there was any serious negligence.

A police official said, “The police officers put Mr. A in the patrol car and asked him several times for his address, but he did not give it, so it was difficult to drop him off in front of his house. Even after getting off, he thanked the police officer and crossed the crosswalk at the pedestrian signal. “Based on the circumstances, it appears that they decided that they could return home without difficulty,” he said.

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