Djokovic VS Alkaras, who will win the ‘Ultimate Match’?

“He (Carlos Alcaras) is very motivated. And he’s a young player. He seems hungry (to win), but I’m the same, so let’s have a party. (Laughs)” Wimbledon 2023

Men Novak Djokovic (36, Serbia, world No. 2) ahead of the singles final highly praised his opponent Carlos Alcaras (20, Spain, world No. 1). However, he also revealed the position that winning cannot be conceded.

The 2023 Wimbledon men’s singles final match between Djokovic and Alkaras will be held at the All England Club Center Court in London, England on the night of the 16th in Korean time.

Men’s Professional Tennis (ATP) defined this final as the ‘ultimate match’ on its website. Considering that it is a confrontation between the world No. 1 and No. 2, that both gave up only 2 sets out of 6 matches played to the semifinals, and that it is a confrontation between Alkaras, the current world No. 1, and Djokovic, who is aiming for the 24th Grand Slam title, ‘ It was evaluated as ‘the ultimate confrontation’.

However, in 2014 and 2015, they achieved two consecutive victories. In 2018, 2019, 2021 and last year, he succeeded in winning four consecutive championships. The 2020 tournament was canceled due to the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Djokovic, who reached the final this year without fail, will challenge for a fifth consecutive victory. ‘Tennis legends’ Bjorn Böhri (Sweden, 2976-1980) and Roger Federer (Switzerland, 2003-2007) are the only male players to have won five consecutive Wimbledon titles. In addition, he stands shoulder to shoulder with Federer (8 times), who has the most wins in Wimbledon men’s singles history.

For reference, Martina Navratilova (66, Czech Republic-USA), who has won the most Wimbledon titles in both men’s and women’s singles, has reached the top nine times.

She is also challenging for 24 Grand Slam titles, the most ever in men’s tennis.

It is Alkaras who meets in the game with numerous records. He lifted his first Grand Slam trophy at the US Open last year. He has won five times on the ATP Tour this year as well.

Djokovic will be on the court at the Wimbledon final for the ninth time. Roger Federer (42, Switzerland, 12 times) reached the men’s singles final the most times in this event. Djokovic, who reached the first final of this event in 2011, defeated Rafael Nadal (37, Spain) to win his first championship. He reached the final in 2013 as well, but lost to Andy Murray (36, UK, world No. 40) and had to be content with a runner-up finish.

In the competitions he participated in this year, Alkaras has a record of 46 wins and 4 losses. He has a 92% win rate, the highest among male players. Djokovic, who did not participate in relatively many tournaments compared to Alkaras, is 33-4.

However, Djokovic, who is aiming for a fifth consecutive Wimbledon title, is on a 34-game winning streak in this tournament. ‘Enemy’ Rafael Nadal (37, Spain) is unable to stand on the court due to an injury. Also, Federer announced his retirement last year. In this situation, he has an advantage in the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) competition.

Against Djokovic in the Wimbledon final, it is Alkaras, who is currently the world’s No. 1 player and the leader in winning percentage and most wins this year.

“I think it’s special to go up against a legend of our sport (tennis) in the final. If I win, it could be a surprise,” Alkaras said. “It’s not just about winning Wimbledon, it’s about winning against Novak (Djokovic),” he added.

Last month, Alkaras met Djokovic in the semifinals of the French Open held on the clay court where he is most confident. However, the result was a 1-3 defeat. At that time, Alkaras had an unexpected convulsion. After the 3rd set, he became sluggish and failed to advance to the final.

The grass courts at Wimbledon were considered to be disadvantageous to Alkaras compared to the clay and hard courts. However, he won the ATP Tour Sinchi Queen’s Club Championship, the prelude to Wimbledon. Winning his first grass court in his career, he gained confidence and was accepted into the All England club.

Djokovic praised Alkaras for adapting to the grass court. “A lot of people consider Alkaras’ style of play to be suited to clay courts or slow hard courts, so I don’t think he expected to play well on grass courts, but he has been incredibly successful at adapting to this surface (turf),” he said먹튀검증. “, he evaluated.

Alkaras, who was shaken by an unexpected convulsion in the semifinals of the French Open, expressed his confidence, saying, “It will be different from that match.” “I will prepare for a match that is different from the French Open. I didn’t enjoy it at all in the first set of the semifinals of that tournament, but I will try to turn off all the nerves and tension,” he said.

The Wimbledon final, which is held on grass courts, is a stage of ‘challenge’ for Alkaras. He highly praised Djokovic, saying, “Djokovic has no weaknesses and is a really complete player. He rarely makes mistakes on the court. Both physically and mentally.”

Dealing with Djokovic is tough, but you’re not on the court to lose, Al Carras said. After confirming his place in the final, Alkaras said: “I will believe in myself and believe I can beat him (Djokovic) here. It will be a very tough challenge as he hasn’t lost on this court (All England Club Center Court) since 2013. “he said.

Djokovic also showed confidence in the situation ahead of the semifinals, saying, “I don’t want to be arrogant, but I think that I am the candidate for the championship.”

The age difference between Djokovic and Alkaras is 16 years. Djokovic, who has gone through all the battles on the court for a long time and entered the ‘path of the best player of all time’, and Alkaras, who stood tall as the world’s strongest at a young age, are facing an irresistible match.

In this final, the world ranking is at stake. The winner of this match will retain or regain the No. 1 spot in the men’s singles world rankings, which will be announced after Wimbledon.

Meanwhile, TV channels SPOTV and SPOTV ON, and sports OTT service SPOTV NOW will broadcast the Wimbledon men’s singles final match between Djokovic and Alkaras live on satellite from 10:00 pm on the 16th. It will also be broadcast live on SPOTV ASIA (Spotv Asia). Sporty Asia is a channel broadcasting to 13 countries in Southeast Asia, and broadcasts tennis grand slam tournaments such as Wimbledon and US Open, men’s professional tennis ATP tour, motorcycle racing competition MotoGP (GP), WTT (World Table Tennis) table tennis competition, and BWF ( World Badminton Federation) Badminton competition, International Sports Climbing (IFSC), Sports Climbing World Cup, etc. are provided.

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