Bucheon City Hall focused on the present and showed a bright future

I forgot everything in the past. I focused on the present and brought out the desired results.

Bucheon City Hall won the EVISU SPORTS Cup 2023 The K Employee Basketball League (www.kbasket.kr) 1st Group F preliminary round held at the gym near Gwanak-gu, Seoul on the 16th by recording 20 points and 6 rebounds, including 4 3-point shots. With Choi Gyu-dong, who led the team to 2019, and Park Hyeon, who played an active role in all directions with 13 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists, they defeated Shinhan Bank 46-30 and reported their first victory in two games.

It was very different from the first match. Captain Park Hyeon, who was unable to appear in the last game due to personal circumstances, stepped up. He led the team by holding the center in the ball and defense. Choi Kyu-dong from the perimeter, Kim Jae-woong (6 rebounds), Lee Seong-hoon (4 points, 8 rebounds), Jung Jae-hee, and Lee Ki-dae took turns keeping the bottom of the net, while Kim Gwang-jin, Yoo Je-yeon, and Cho Seung-wan worked hard on the dirty work to help the team win.

For Shinhan Bank, Kim Min-seong (4 rebounds, 2 3-pointers) scored 14 points, and new face Song Wang-soo (4 points, 17 rebounds, 3 steals) kept under the goal. Even the players who made their names known in the league, including Lim Doo-bin, Kim Hyuk-kyun, Choi Jeong-won, and Shim Jeong-hoon, all participated in the game with one mind. (Former) Ace Jin Seong-hoo (4 points) also did his best to win the team. However, the poor shooting success rate hurt them. Because of catching , the chance to win was blown into the air.

From the beginning, Bucheon City Hall burned its will to win. Park Hyun took the lead. He shook defenses with his breakthrough ability, got involved in rebounding, and ran all over the court in every aspect. Kim Jae-woong, Yu Je-yeon, and Lee Seong-hoon supported the back by crossing the inside and outside.

Shinhan Bank did not stand still. Kim Min-seong put in a 3-point shot, and Jin Seong-hu led the team’s attack by moving in and out of the mid-range and 3-point line. Song Wang-soo and Shim Jeong-hun were solid behind the goal, and shooter Lee Seung-heon joined in the scoring and energized them.

The tense atmosphere continued into the second quarter. At Bucheon City Hall, Hyeon Park led the team, while Gyu-Dong Choi supported the team from outside the 3-point line. He scored two 3-pointers in the second quarter alone, scored zero points, and then scored through mid-range and under the goal. In addition, Lee Seong-hoon came out, and Kim Jae-woong and Lee Ki-dae focused on the defense below the goal, giving strength to their teammates.  

Shinhan Bank also launched a counterattack. Instead of giving Jin Seong-hoo a break, Kim Hoe-min was put in to lighten Kim Min-sung’s shoulders. Following this, Cho Yong-seok stepped forward, and Choi Jeong-won and Kim Jin-wook actively participated in the rebound fight and held out under the goal.

However, the extremely low shooting success rate was a worrying factor. This became apparent in the second half. Because the shot missed the rim, the scoring route was limited to the bottom of the goal. The success rate of the free throws he made was also low. The score in the third quarter was only about 4 points.

Bucheon City Hall did not miss the moment when Shinhan Bank was shaking. Choi Kyu-dong, Kim Gwang-jin, and Park Hyeon opened up the gap, and in the 4th quarter, they pushed the opponent roughly. Lee Seong-hoon made a successful 3-point shot, and Lee Ki-dae and Yoo Je-yeon moved in and out to shake the opponent’s defense. Hyun Park passed the pass to suit his teammates’ taste rather than scoring, and led the team by putting all his energy into kicking off the rebound.

Shinhan Bank tried to pierce the clogged blood by injecting Seonghu Jin, who was resting. Song Wang-soo persistently dug under the goal, and Kim Min-seong showed off his ability to break through and scored. However, it was difficult to chase because there were no goals other than two. Bucheon City Hall, who seized the victory, Choi Gyu-dong hit two 3-pointers in a row, and Lee Ki-dae scored from under the goal, virtually confirming the victory.

Meanwhile, Bucheon City Hall shooter Choi Kyu-dong, who led the team to victory with 20 points and 6 rebounds including 4 3-pointers, was selected as the EVISU SPORTS (https://www.evisusports.com/) MATCH MVP for this match. He said, “In the beginning, I struggled because I couldn’t breathe properly, but as time passed, my body loosened up. And thanks to the relaxation of the players’ tension, the performance improved and we were able to win,” he said about the winning factor.

It was Choi Gyu-dong who showed his presence by making a successful 3-point shot at every critical moment. In a situation where the atmosphere could have been taken away, he protected the team and led it to victory. In response, “Since there are no players with good physical abilities in the team, I suggested that we pay more attention to boxing out and rebounding. His colleagues worked really hard,” giving a thumbs up to his colleagues for their hard work.

In addition, “Because I gained weight recently, I was out of balance. I thought it wouldn’t be good today, but as time went by, my body got better, and it was good because my shot went well. It worked well that I made up my mind to put it in when I had to put it in. And my teammates stood on the screen so I could shoot, and thanks to a good pass, I was able to score. During the high-low attack in the 4th quarter, he asked me to watch it because he was outside. Player Lee Gidae took good care of it and took it out. The moment he received and fired the shot, he felt that he could not lose. I am very grateful to my colleagues who believed in him,” he said.

It was Bucheon City Hall who tasted defeat without showing anything in the match against IBK Industrial Bank, which was their debut match. There must have been a lot of pressure on this day. He said, “There are players who have just started playing basketball, so I expected some results to come out, but it was more than I thought. Today, I came out with the mindset of trying to catch at least one team in the financial sector.”

He continued, “Park Hyeon is playing multiple roles, including being the manager and captain. He took good care of the mental part of his teammates before the game, and constantly inspired confidence that he could do it through exchanges with other teams.” I didn’t think I would lose. He said, “Let’s fight constantly, and it worked for us to keep up the momentum.”토토사이트

Bucheon City Hall recorded their first victory in their debut by winning the game that day. He said, “Because it is a local government team, the player base is not thicker than other teams. Even so, the passion alone is unmatched. Regardless of the outcome, we will do our best to prepare for every game so that we can show our performance.” “In fact, I personally voted against participating in this tournament. However, all of my colleagues, including Park Hyeon, decided to participate because the majority of the opinions were that they could not play in the well and that they wanted to improve their skills through competition. After running, I think I did well to participate in the competition. Now, I think I will be satisfied even if I hear from the clubs of local governments that they are good at management.”

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