“Barely surviving in pain”… ‘Hush’ over revelation of biological daughter

A man in his 50s was arrested and handed over to trial on charges of committing sexual crimes against his own daughter and niece. Victims say they barely survive despite tremendous pain and fear.

Reporter Park Jae-yeon covered this story exclusively.


Two months ago, the sister of Mr. A, who is in his 20s, filed a complaint with the police against his biological father, Mr. B, a man in his 50s.

He said he had been sexually assaulted by Mr.카지노 B for over ten years.

[Victim’s second daughter: From the lower grades of elementary school to the third grade of middle school, whenever I opened my eyes to the feeling of being touched, my biological father was sitting next to me… .]

Upon checking the indictment, it was revealed that the victims were two biological daughters and one nephew, and that Mr. B sexually harassed the victims on a total of 18 occasions from 2003 to 2018.

[Victim’s family / Mr. A’s maternal uncle: Your parents must have told you at home that you should never talk about such things.]

In the petition submitted to the court, the victims said, “I suffered tremendous pain with heart-stopping fear and the feeling of bugs crawling all over my body.” “I’m barely alive inside,” he wrote.

[Victim/Second Daughter: I remember the things I was harmed by and it was a bit difficult. Of course, I think he should be severely punished… ]

The victims complained to their mothers several times since they were elementary school students, but it was found that no action was taken.

As the mother hissed, the victims’ pain continued.

[Victim’s mother: I was so scared that I turned away and buried it like this and just lived like that. The police also gave a statement and said that they asked her if she was her real mother.]

The victims also demanded punishment for her biological mother, but the investigation failed.

[Hyejin Seo/Attorney: Unless it is revealed that the person actively aided and abetted the crime, we do not investigate and treat it as a target for punishment.] The number of sexual violence crimes

between relatives that have occurred over the past three years amounts to an average of 631 cases per year.

However, since it is a representative ‘secret crime’ that is difficult to disclose to the outside world due to the possibility of retaliation, experts estimate that there will be much more undisclosed damage.

Experts emphasize that, as children are often victims of childhood harm, careful observation, including counseling and surveys, should be conducted at school.

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