“At least 140 billion won” is called by Real, and Tottenham is free. “Romero is Messi’s world’s best defender.”

“The Maguire was £80m. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be any lower than that.”

In order for Real Madrid to recruit Christian Romero (Tottenham Hotspur), it is expected to have to offer an astronomical transfer fee. Moreover, Tottenham’s chairman is Daniel Levira, who is called a master of negotiations, which is highly unlikely to make it.

“Real Madrid is interested in signing Romero,” global sports media ESPN reported recently. “I think it’s time for Romero to leave Tottenham,” adding, “Real Madrid has asked Romero about the terms and conditions of signing.”

It is quite different from what Romero himself said two weeks ago. Romero appeared on the Argentine broadcast “D Sports” program and said in person that he had no intention of leaving Tottenham. “I am very happy to be in Tottenham,” Romero said.

More than anything else, he is deeply immersed in the leadership of Coach Ange Postecoglou. Romero said, “Postecoglou has completely changed the direction of the club through his ability to win. He united everyone right after his arrival, and this mentality made the team share the same ambition.”

Although he is satisfied with his life at Tottenham, things will change if Real Madrid calls him. Real Madrid is the world’s best club that won both the Spanish Primera Liga and the UEFA Champions League in the 2023-24 season. It boasts a reputation gap that cannot be directly compared to Tottenham, which is suffering from no win.

Nevertheless, Romero’s transfer is unlikely to be easy, not just by his personal preference. Romero is the world’s best defender recognized by Lionel Messi, the “God of soccer.” Messi, who jointly won the World Cup trophy with Copa America on the Argentine national team, stressed that Romero is the best. 토토사이트

In order to recruit a defender who is evaluated like this, you have to be prepared for considerable expenditure. Even Real Madrid, which has a lot of financial power, is expected to mention an amount that is not easy to invest in defenders.

Football London said, “Romero is Tottenham’s core player. His ransom will be enormous. He was hired for 42 million pounds (about W73.8 billion) and still has three years left on his contract. And Messi is the world’s best defender,” in listing the reason why the transfer fee is so high.

“There is a standard indicator. When Harry Maguire moved to Manchester United five years ago, it cost him 80 million pounds (about 140.7 billion won). When Joschko Gvardiol moved to Manchester City last summer, it was 77 million pounds (about 135.4 billion won) and there is no possibility that it will be lower than Romero’s value.”

Even if Tottenham negotiates a transfer to Romero, it is highly likely to cost him more than £80 million. If Levi’s chairman is very good at tug-of-war, Romero can earn the highest transfer fee ever for a defender. It seems that a transfer rumor is difficult to achieve.

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