Arrest warrant review for sexual assault in Sillim-dong… victim woman dies

A victim of sexual assault in a park in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, who occurred on the 17th, died this afternoon, the third day after the incident.

The police plan to change the charge of rape and injury applied to Choi.

A decision on whether or not to arrest Choi is expected to be made today.

Reporter Choi Min-young reports.


A victim of ‘park sexual assault’ in Sillim-dong스포츠토토, Gwanak-gu, Seoul died this afternoon on the third day of the incident.

The victim was in a critical condition after being taken to the hospital, but never regained consciousness.

In response, the police announced that they would change the charge of rape and injury applied to the suspect, Mr. Choi.

Mr. Choi appeared for the first time after the incident while attending the arrest warrant review today.

He then claimed that he was charged with attempted rape.

[Mr. Choi/Sillim-dong Park Sexual Assault Suspect/Voice Modified: “(You claim that it was just an attempted sexual assault. Are you sure?) Yes.

[Mr. Choi/Sillim-dong Park Sexual Assault Suspect/Voice Modified: “(Do you have anything to say to the victim?) I’m sorry.”] The

Seoul Central District Court will decide whether to arrest Mr. Choi this evening at the earliest based on the interrogation and evidence of Mr. Choi. It is a view.

On the morning of the 17th, Choi was arrested by the police on charges of sexual assault after assaulting a woman without a face with a knuckle, a blunt instrument made of metal, in her hand.

The police interviewed Choi yesterday afternoon with a profiler to determine the motive and psychological background of Choi’s brutal crime.

During the police investigation, Mr. Choi said, “It was a place where I knew there was no CCTV .”

It was investigated that the two knuckles used in the crime were purchased on the Internet four months ago.

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