A gifted student who entered a science high school at the age of 10… Dropped out due to school violence?

Baek Kang-hyeon, who entered스포츠토토 Seoul Science High School at the age of 10 and drew attention, dropped out after one semester and is controversial after claiming school violence.

Baek’s father announced that he would disclose the contents of the bullying and the reason for dropping out through YouTube.

Reporter Lee Yoo-gyeong reports.

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[Baek Kang-hyeon (Video, September 2021)]
“Hello, I’m Baek Kang-hyeon. Today, I’ll try to solve a math problem.”

At the age of 41 months, Baek Kang-hyeon made his name known by appearing on a TV program to find gifted children and solving math problems.

He entered Seoul Science High School last March at the age of 10.

However, he announced through a YouTube video yesterday that he had to drop out after one semester of admission.

“He saw himself becoming a problem-solving machine,” he said. “I also wanted to compose and make a board game.”

However, Kang Hyun-gun’s father posted a video accusing a completely different fact today.

Kang Hyeon explained that he had to drop out because of the teasing and bullying of the students at Seoul Science High School.

“Kang Hyun-yi dropped out of school due to serious school violence,” he said.

In addition, some of the bullying that Kang suffered was also revealed.

“If Kanghyun is in the same group, it is as if there is no one person,” said Kanghyun, who was mocked or treated as a ghost. Mr. Baek said, “After uploading the video of dropping out, the parents of Seoul Science High School said, “We must not do anything that

will damage the school image,” and “I was asked to delete YouTube.”

It is revealed that it was released in the following video, and the impact is expected to spread depending on the content. This is

MBC News Lee Yoo-gyeong.

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