“700 won fine ice is 1500 won”… ‘Jamboree’ convenience store cuts price amid controversy over K-rip

At the World Jamboree event, where people스포츠토토 had to buy bottled water to drink under the scorching sun, the high prices of items sold at convenience stores rose to the fore. On the 2nd, with more than 100 patients with fever appearing one after another, it was pointed out early on that the selling price of the GS25

convenience store , which entered the Jamboree venue exclusively, was significantly higher than the market price. In a situation where the members had to cry and eat mustard even if the selling price was high, there were parents who asked, ‘Is it possible to experience K gourd to the world’s youth?’ According to field participants, the most common pieces of ice that scouts buy are 1,500 won and 2,000 won for an ice cream. In the market, small ice is sold for 700 won. The price of Coca-Cola (500ml) at stores within the Jamboree was 2,500 won, which was about 9% higher than that of general stores. 3kg stone ice that costs 4,000 won outside is 7,000 won here.

When criticism was raised, convenience store GS25 lowered the prices of all products sold within the Jamboree venue to the market level.

GS25 explained that the price of some items was higher than that of regular stores, considering the fact that logistics costs were incurred due to the special location.

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