’20-20′ Why do you want to resemble Kim Seung-hyun and Moon Jung-hyun?

 “From the first time we met, he was cool and tall, but he ran well, he passed well when his teammates had a chance, and he had a good personality in everyday life.”

Myungji Middle School won Seongnam Middle School 81-62 in the 2023 Korea Middle and High School Basketball Weekend League Men’s Middle School Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon Group B match held at the Gyeongbok High School Gymnasium on the 11th. Myeongji Middle School, who lost the first match against the strongest Samseon Middle School in the men’s middle school, tasted the first victory.

Shin Jun-hwan (28 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 5 3-point shots) led the scoring, while Kim Seung-hyeon (189cm, C) scored 20-20 with 21 points, 21 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocks, taking control of the bottom of the goal. Thanks to this, Myeongjijung overcame a 14-point inferiority and achieved a come-from-behind victory.

After winning that day, Kim Seung-hyun expressed his feelings, saying, “I was able to win because his teammates held up well, played well and cheered for me.”

After trailing 15-29 in the 2nd quarter, Myung-Ji-Jung was not impatient and tapped the bottom of the goal to narrow the score gap step by step.

Kim Seung-hyun said, “(Seongnam Middle School’s) shot went well at the beginning of the game, but I couldn’t block it, and my rebound and concentration dropped. While taking time, he encouraged his teammates and made them more focused,” he said. I didn’t spare my body and I was in better shape than the Seongnam Middle School players, so I tried to take advantage of this and take advantage of it. Chae Hyun-soo and others participated in the rebound and followed it step by step by two points.”

When asked when Kim Seung-hyun started playing basketball, he said, “I started in the 5th grade of elementary school. His older brother had a basketball club. It was fun to play basketball with his older brother, but he was scouted by Yeongacho,” he said. The key to playing well in middle school now is that he taught me well from the beginning. Teacher Jeon Jeong-gyu taught me well, so I fill in what I lack.”

He continued, “When there is no ball, you have to move a lot and use your height to attack the bottom of the goal, but it’s a pity that it doesn’t work. It is an advantage to show mobility and initiative,” he added to his own strengths.

Jeon Jung-gyu, Myungji Middle School coach, did not seem to be very angry with the players during the game.

Kim Seung-hyun said, “The teacher (coach Jeong-kyu Jeon) encourages me a lot and keeps me in good shape. He teaches from the bench what to miss and what to do during the game,” he said.

When asked about a player he wants to be like, Kim Seung-hyun said, “From the first time I met him, he was cool and tall, but he played well, passed well when his teammates had a chance, and even had a good personality in everyday life. That’s why I like it the most,” he said. “When I went up to middle school, Junghyun Moon came to school and played pick-up games or helped me with basketball and taught me. He taught me so kindly and pushed me to the max I could. He told an anecdote, saying, “After he settled in the post, he stole the defensive timing and made a jump shot.”

Myeongji Middle School must play well in the remaining two matches (Yongsan Middle School and Whimoon Middle School) to be able to participate in the Wangjungwangjeon to be held in August.

Kim Seung-Hyun pledged, 메이저놀이터“I want to have fun playing both games while showing what I can do as much as possible.”

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